Art can sometimes be a funny thing. Of late my painting and drawing have fallen off and my writing out put has increased. Through the beginning of the year it was the opposite, but then again I had a project to work on.

It’s been a year since my first piece was picked up by a gallery, a reminder came in the mail from Stewart Hall that they would be accepting three pieces for consideration in the near future. After quick consideration I’ve decided to submit two graffiti pieces and one depanneur, though I am thinking that maybe three graffiti pieces might be a better idea. Hard to tell.

The Snowdon Stairway that they took for rental last year will be coming back to me and I will have to see if Richard still wants it.

There are some ideas kicking around the attic of my brain for more paintings, but really I need to focus on figure study and drawing. Good drawings and good composition lead to good paintings. So that’s where I need to focus. Knowing that and doing that are sometimes different things though.

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