A day ending in Y

A friend and I were talking recently and he asked when my next day off was. I confessed that it would be October 9th, Thanksgiving, but in reality not really much of a day off since the family comes over and as I am the only driver I have to pick up and later drop off everyone. That of course in addition to the regular prep everyone is familiar with when having guests over for a meal. As a special bonus this year our daughter will be returning from a short jaunt to visit friends and I will have to gather her at the airport sometime between when her plane lands and when lunch is served. I joked: if the day ends in a Y I’m working, thirteen days off in the last fifteen months.

My friend said something I’d heard before but never had a response for: I don’t know how you do it.

This time I had a response – it just sprang to mind: you wouldn’t ask someone in the middle of the ocean how it is they can keep on swimming.

It’s that simple. If I stop an already niggardly life would be sliced even thinner. Reductio ad absurdum in an economic sense. I’m still trying to recover from April’s day from hell. Our son still isn’t working. Our daughter is working and demands nothing which is a relief on many front but does still use the credit card for regular school related expenses like a bus pass at $85 a month. The van, which just came out of the shop leaving me $500.00 poorer than when it went in needs new winter tires this month so….if the day ends in Y I’ll be working.

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