In praise of beta readers

Concrete Memories is almost finished. Started in 2015 the eighteen thousand word “short story” recently came back from Alan the first male beta reader. The story is now in its thirteenth draft and much stronger than when it arrived in his hands. That has been the case since the start of the story as it moved through various hands starting with Donna’s. Being all but finished at this point with one more professional edit in the offing seemed to have freed up something. I haven’t started a new story while working on this one, though the poetry has been flowing fast and free, but this week I started a new story. Not only started it, but the first draft is almost finished which is lightening quick for me as I find writing a difficult process. Of course then it has to go to Donna and a variety of other readers to knock off the rough bits and rein in my seventy word sentences. Donna once asked “Don’t you ever breath when you read?” I’m glad there was another story though, I don’t often have an idea for one that will last longer than ten lines for a poem. Stories are good to write even if they don’t get read all that much.

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