Go with the flow

Life, if not always flowing in my favour, has at least been interesting.

Stewart Hall rejected both my submissions this year. It was a very tough competition this year with, at best, a 25% chance of acceptance. The general antipathy curators and judges have for small art doesn’t work in my favour, but I could repair that by working big. Not that, that will happen but I can’t fault them for liking what they like and my refusing to produce it. That’s on me.

Last week I received a nice note from Eyewear Publishing that a poem I submitted – The Moose and the Coyote – had been short listed for their fortnightly poetry prize. It was a nice bit of luck, made my day really and I wasn’t at all disappointed a few days later to find out someone else had won. The winning poem was quite good (8th Fortnightly Poetry Prize).

One of the things which I’ve come to accept, albeit reluctantly, is that I’m not particularly bright, or talented, but do manage to attract some attention by banging on well after others my age have given up. I may make a success of out of obtuse stubbornness if I can’t have one out of a gift or talent. With that in mind I entered the fortnightly poetry prize again to see how it goes. The likelihood of winning is no greater than before, but it’s better to participate and lose than not to participate at all. At least my name appeared on the last short list which might put me on some editor’s radar with a vague name recognition of some sort in the future. There must be some value in that.

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