November twenty seventeen

modeling clay head

Modeling clay head

The pressure on the financial front has not dwindled. It never does entirely but there’s a bit of an awkward crunch going on at the moment which makes for interesting planning. The time between last pay cheque and next pay cheque is only fourteen days. The awkward part is that I was already broke when my pay of the ninth came in. The mortgage, that unforgiving monthly payment, passes through the account on the twentieth and is just one hundred dollars shy of a full pay. Makes for exciting times.

One of the things which being poor teaches you is how to juggle and manage money in difficult circumstances. Banks and ministers of finance have nothing on poor parents.

Our son has decided that he is going to go to trade school to get an attestation in computer support and networking as a first step to getting into cybersecurity. I think it’s a good choice, but also recognize it as choosing a training that will lead to a job because it will lead to a job not because he has any particular interest in it. There’s nothing wrong with that. The majority of people in the world work in jobs that pay the bills not because they have any particular interest in the job. The funny thing is that no matter what the job is most people usually find something of interest in the job which gives them a sense of pride in what they do. Cybersecurity certainly has that going for it.

Our daughter on the other hand has dumped another English class based on the premise that she is changing programs and had more time to do English classes in the future. To me it would seem sensible to get the compulsory classes out of the way to begin with, but talking to either of our children is like talking to a gossamer winged sylph so I generally avoid offering advice.

On the art front just for the sake of it I’m giving sculpting a go. I like the feel of the clay in my hands. It’s kind of fun and reminds me that it was something I pursued briefly when I was in CEGEP. On the writing front a few new short stories have been finished and are going through final editing before being sent out. There’s also a novella competition in the offing which I think I will enter Concrete Memories into.

One of the new short stories called A May Day I plan to enter into the Fiddlehead short story competition this year as soon as it comes back from Donna. To qualify for the contest I had to edit the story down from 6550 words to 6000. I managed to drop it to 5996, but Donna’s going to read it for me to make sure I didn’t break something in the editing. It’s a fine story in my opinion and I can hope the editors at Fiddlehead will think the same thing.

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