I think it’s kind of funny

I’m goin’ to rock this town Rockin’ it inside out

Look at me once

Look at me twice

Look at me again and there’s going to be a fight

Had a little fun with some modeling clay last night. This head took about two and a half hours. It’s funny though, like with painting, I really don’t notice time passing while I’m sculpting.

On the funny front our son came up with his Xmas wish list: he wants me to help offset the cost of a trip to NYC for Xmas with some friends. Then he got the bright idea that our daughter should go with him – which she liked. He said that he would help pay for her. I pointed out that in effect I would be paying for both of them under this model. I really need to get that third job. I finish work at 16:00 which means I could do a 17:00 – 23:00 shift at Tim Horton from Monday to Thursday. Something to look into.

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