Almost there.

The New Year is an arbitrary beginning, but useful really for the purposes of looking back and looking forward. The trick to looking back is to glance, like you do in the rear view mirror of a car. You can’t stare or you lose track of where you’re going.

We’re ending the year in a little worse shape financially than when we started – even with the huge repair bill for the van last January. We almost made it to the end of the year turning a slight profit, but it was not to be. A few days before Xmas our son visited the dentist and had three fillings done. Cha-ching. I have to wait to deposit the cheque from my second job later today to pay off the bill which will leave me about a hundred in the bank to finish the year, but with zero debt other than the mortgage. It will make for a tight next two weeks, but doable.

On the upside I’m still making art. Some lunchtime sketches over the last few days.

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