Happy New Year – 2018

There was something not quite right about my numbers for the last year that kept nagging at me so I dug a little deeper and compared everything. Banks these days keep a good track of where and how money goes and make it all available online in your account. The upshot is that at the end of the year, when all is said and done and all the bills paid for 2017 in full (which they are) I lost 2900 dollars over the year. I know exactly how that happened and exactly what the money was spent on and in retrospect can see no way around it. Sometimes I think the Brothers Karamazov don’t know anything at all about juggling as compared to me. LOL. I have to hope that there are no surprises this year, there’s not much wiggle room left.

So today is the start of a new year. New Year new me? Nah. Never. Same ol’ same ol’. Resolutions? More like last year’s no committal stuff. Lose weight. Try to sell Donna’s Bear story – still trying, no takers (might self publish). Paint, draw, write poetry – try to sell some of everything. The past year has been a good one on the art front with multiple poems published, multiple paintings sold so more of the same is what I aim for. Not terrifically exciting as resolutions go, but I’m not a terrifically exciting person.

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