Can’t always be producing

Things have slowed down on the writing front, not willingly, they just sort of dried up. It happens. I get a little down about it, but what dribs and drabs have come along have been good quality. To console myself I try to keep in mind that I have three major pieces and two chapbooks out in competition and am awaiting the results or long lists. A win anywhere would be amazing, long listing would be pretty cool too.

Recently I treated myself to a new set of Holbein gouache paint. I’m going to give it a go as a paint unto itself and as an addition to watercolour. There are always ideas percolating.

As a keep busy thing I have been matting out paintings to standard sizes and am going to package them up in clear plastic for future sale. I’ve decided to price my paintings consistently by the square inch – just the painting size not the matting. That way, regardless of how I feel about a painting, the pricing will be consistent for the end client, $1.50 per square inch. Fingers crossed that the buyers think that’s a fair price. Considering that I rejected over half of the paintings I looked at yesterday for possible sale the reality is that I’ll not be getting paid for the work I do, but for the work I do which is put on the market and successfully sold. That’s a much different thing. We’ll see how it goes.

Oh ya, I’m 55. How the fuck did that happen?

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