40s – a poem

Being here
After all these years
Is surprising
When fame and glory
Were more expected
Here in the middle
confirms humanity
have golden wings
dreamt awake and asleep
rife with
if only
what if
could have
should have
flights of fancy
brief escape
to what could never be
but would like
to be believed

© denis bernicky

1 Response to 40s – a poem

  1. Joe Rouse says:

    Hi Denis-Gosh, it’s been ages. Any news on your son’s prognosis? My best wishes to you and him. I can clearly recall that day you rode all the way to my then-office on McGill College to meet me one day for lunch in 2001. Where did we go again? Ben’s? From what I gathered, you’re off to Edmonton in the not too distant. one of my brothers lives in nearby St-Albert. I really like Alberts and Albertans- people talk to each other in the elevator, even to strangers and -I think-have their own joie de vivre. Sans politique, aussi! Sherry and I continue to enjoy living in Singapore-6 years gone, after 4 in NZ. The real story is about traveling around SE Asia. As much cultural and culinary diversity as Europe, and then some. Anyway, I was cruising RVR names and of course thought of you. Thanks for looking after us all in the late 90’s/early 2000’s with that RVR directory. Cheers, Joe

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