A successful vernissage

Last night the much awaited, by me at least, Celebration 150-375 finally happened. Going in to the show with three paintings already sold was nice as was selling another painting on opening night. This is the one which sold last night


It was hot and steamy last night but the street traffic was good which lead to good traffic in the gallery. A lot of people complimented me on my ensemble too which was nice.

Me with my paintings. You can’t see it but the stitching on the shirt button holes, cuffs and collar is black.

One of the other artists, Jayne Keefe, shot a little video of the opening shortly after we arrived (just an hour and a half late – traffic was a bear) – if you’re on facebook you can follow the link below to see it.


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A little bit closer

Digging out is much harder than digging in.

Between the day from hell in April, and the expenses that have come along on our son’s health front, the fact that we’re still in the black is a testament to years of practice juggling the financially improbable. The only reason we aren’t in the red is because instead of paying the mobile phone bill as soon as it came in I’m holding off until Thursday – which will still be two weeks before it’s due but I prefer to pay as they come in.

A bit of luck at the end of June came in the form of the option to cash in seven days in lieu of taking them as vacation time. A nice bit of opportune timing and just enough to start to build back a buffer. How much of a buffer and for how long it can be built remains to be seen. Our son is planning on returning to school in the fall so there will be new expenses on that front. To be frank supporting three adults on the salaries I’m bringing in is getting a little straining after the hours cut back on the second job. I’ll find a way, I always do, but it would be nice if there was a little more breathing room. Thinking about money all the time can be exhausting.

On a more positive note the vernissage it on Thursday. Tomorrow morning I’m taking a vacation day from work and spending it at the MainLine Gallery hanging the exhibition. Then Thursday night after work it’s time to head downtown and stand around for three hours hoping to sell more art. Another piece sold ahead of the exhibition this past weekend which was nice. A third of the pieces in the Depanneur series readied for the show have been sold which means almost all my costs for the show have been covered – I might be a little in the red still but not by much. One more sale and it’s all black.


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Sheet of Coat of Arms Stickers

Bernicky Coat of Arms

Morrie Portnoff at Nunavik Graphics in Pointe Claire did a bang up job of printing up the Bernicky coat of arms stickers at a very reasonable price – much lower than any online service I looked at and the turn around was fast.

The stickers now adorn the back of each of the paintings for the Celebration 150/375 exhibition next week. I’m kind of exciting about the whole thing. I even bought new boots for the occasion.

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June 21st already!?!

Tempus fugit indeed. Time does fly when you’re not watching.

The Celebration 150 / 375 is fast approaching. Below is the handbill for the event. Woohoo. Looking forward to it all. Lots of work and completely lacking in glamour, but it’s my first so it’s special.

My coworker at my second job designed a family crest for us. Being historically poor and from a long line of those done to rather than those who do unto we had no family crest. So here it is, choices I made to represent our family. The cock – nothing is braver than an angry rooster even to its own detriment which if you know any Bernicky’s you know to be a family trait. The pig – because life is better when you are smart and over indulge. Baguette – the most simple of breads for a simple people. Peanut butter – nutritious, easy to make and once again simple fair because we get by on what we have. And last but not least, the family motto in the vulgar because who the heck wants to translate the latin anyway – Good Enough – something I say at the end of many a job and lets face it so do most of us. 😀

Bernicky Coat of Arms by Jayne Keefe.

For the fun of it I’m going to have stickers made and put them on the back of each painting in the exhibition – three of which have already been presold two to collectors which kind of made my month.

Last, but not least the last of the Depanneur series for the show (not the last of the series as a whole though).

Depanneur Sherbrooke-Cavendish-NDG

Video and pictures to follow.

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Celebration Canada 150 – Montreal 375 Collection

Here they are – two already presold before the show starts.

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New bikes all around!

With a bit of luck and poking about a new bike for our daughter turned up at a garage sale on St. Leon on Saturday. By new I mean it’s seen much better days, it’s at least as old as our daughter is, but it was $30.00 so when this one inevitably gets stolen regardless of lock at least I won’t be out hundreds of dollars. Bike theft has to be the safest of criminal enterprises as I’ve never once heard of a bike being recovered nor of any theft ring being dismantled. It seems to be viewed as a victimless crime.

I turned up what looks like a legit bike for our son on Kijiji. It’s considerably more than the $30.00 bike but I’m hoping to get the price down a bit when we go see it this afternoon. Looking forward to spending money I don’t have – it gives that thrill of jumping out of a plane without having to actually jump out of the plane, the downside is there’s no parachute involved. 🙂 I crack me up.

In the meantime the paintings for the exhibition are almost all done. Here are the two most recent with the final one in planning stages at the moment. Fingers crossed now that a few will sell in July.

Provision NDG – Girouard & Sherbrooke

Depanneur Lydia – Hingston and Sherbrooke, NDG

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No way out

Last month was a disaster on the financial front, but more importantly both our kids had minor relapses. Not major, which is a good thing, but minor. Enough so that it made it clear that I’m never actually going to have a life of my own. My life for the last half decade, such as it is has been work, paying bills, and taking care of the kids.

In the cracks Donna has kept with me though that’s something that I believe she is losing patience for (perhaps lost patience for an is too nice to lay it out). In the cracks I can write and paint. I get the cracks in time between one responsibility and the next. There is no time to live my life. Some would point out that this is my life and I am living it but others would be less pedantic and know what I mean. I am not living the life that I want other than in tiny slivers of time stolen from other tasks.

A friend called me last night after I got home from work. I was trying to settle in to do some gesture studies when the phone rang. He is having trouble with his computer again and wants me to come look at it. He’s dying so I’m not about to say no and arranged things for nine in the morning. Nine would allow time to get to work before opening so there would be time time in to layout a new painting. He called me back a little later pushing the time to 10 because he has trouble dressing in the morning. It wasn’t deliberate, he didn’t plan to wreck the morning but it is done and there’s no cure for it.

I’m reminded of that old line from so many movies “No one here gets out alive.” Ain’t it the truth.

In the meantime here is the most recent in the Depanneur series for the Celebration Canada 150 / Montreal 375 show.

Depanneur 9th and George in LaSalle

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A bad month well seen out

The month is almost over, just two days left. It has been a horrid month on the weather and financial front. The weather will recover, it always does. The finances…well give it a few months of niggardly spending and it may recover as well. I won’t be sad to see this month gone.

There is however a silver lining – The Soap Box, a Toronto based poetry and prose magazine has accepted three of my poems for publication in their second anthology. Yay me! The news came hard on the heels of The Antigonish Review rejecting four poems I had sent them. So there’s that.

Another silver lining – a fellow artist, Jayne Keefe, has offered to collaborate on some paintings where I paint the backgrounds and details of the buildings then turn the paintings over to her to decorate the walls with graffiti. This way I never have to worry about stepping on a graffiti artist’s toes and we create our own Montreal.

The fifth depanneur for the Celebration Canada 150 / Montreal 375 exhibit is ready – see below.

9th and Centrale, Lasalle, The Bronx

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It’s that close

When you’re poor it doesn’t take much to throw your financial world into a complete tailspin. The upside: the mortgage is covered. The downside: my next pay, all of it, goes to the heating oil company. Cushion left in bank: laughable.

I’m lucky though. If I hadn’t found a second job in July and been squirreling money away for a rainy day then when the storm hit it would have been so much worse. Starting back from zero is a lot better than starting back from less than zero. I’ll take that any day.

Still painting

Stay Soft

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The day from financial hell.

It happens from time to time. When it does it hits the stress levels far beyond what is normal into a whole other realm. Fortunately I can laugh in the face of financial ruin, most people cannot.

The oil tank hit 1/8 of a tank so I had to place an order for heating oil. Figure six hundred litres at seventy-five cents a litre for four-hundred-fifty plus tax bringing it to about five twenty. Okay. What can you do? Heating oil has to be bought. Cue the electricity bill coming in about an hour later at a bouncing five-hundred-twenty. Ouch. Yesterday was also a day off work for which I scheduled the dentist for our daughter and myself and rang up a whopping six-hundred-ninety dollar bill. It’s not over yet though. After months of not being able to read I finally caved in and saw an optometrist for a paltry, by comparison, eighty-dollars. She wouldn’t give me a prescription right away because she is worried about my right eye and wants to dilate the pupils so she can see the back of it in two weeks. (apparently seeing random flashes of light is not a good thing). When I got home from work there was a voice message from Videotron saying that the bill is past due. Our son, who is responsible for the bill, hasn’t paid it in several months (one of the problems with automatic billing to a credit card is that if there isn’t enough room it doesn’t get processed but no notice is sent to the client either). Another five-hundred out of pocket. Not finished yet – another two-hundred-thirty-eight dollars for prescription medications for our son who is also currently out of work so not covered by insurance. Ouch.

Two-thousand-five-hundred-forty-eight dollars in one day. Six weeks salary – poof. I’ll get about three hundred back from insurance for the dental. So call it two thousand two even. Good thing I didn’t spend the twenty-dollars I had planned to buy some acrylic gouache 🙂

I have to laugh even though it is going to take a few months to catch up and I’m going to have to cash in any vacation time instead of taking vacation – let’s face it I’m working during vacation anyway so there’s that. If nothing else I would like to be known for not having trouble with the curve. On the upside – the mortgage goes through on Friday 😀 😀 😀

My latest for those who follow that sort of thing.

Dorval Overpass Grafitti Piece

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