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I don’t write about work or where I work because that way be dragons for any employee of any company. That doesn’t give a lot of leeway to write about some fine people other than in the most vague sense. … Continue reading

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THE Song


As a Quebecois of the English variety I don’t participate much in Quebecois culture. To be frank it’s always been a kind of “not wanted on voyage” feeling for me whenever I’ve had the temerity to go to any event … Continue reading

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Bruno the Wonder Dog – Rest In Peace

Cancer visited our family again this time in the form of bone cancer in our dog Bruno. The vet believed that it had spread to his lungs as well which could have explained the frequent panting. Last Wednesday at the … Continue reading

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Trying to get poetry published in an age of self publishing and the never ending slurry of words generated by social media is not easy. I’ve still been trying. Her Heart Words is an online poetry magazine based in Australia. … Continue reading

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Art eh.

My New Year’s resolutions are coming along. The first piece of the year has been sold and two more commissions are coming along. This one was the first requested piece, Not much to it, but it was paid for and … Continue reading

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Just a sketch

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New year new bills

Well the New Year is off to an auspicious start. The van needed to be towed to the dealership today as the ignition switch would no longer turn with the key and neither would the passenger and driver side door … Continue reading

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Drawing to a close

December is drawing to a close and along with it 2016 which on a socio political front might have been a bit fubar but on the home front things are basically good. Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Lynn’s death … Continue reading

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And then there was one

The Stewart Hall 2017 Art Rental Collection allowed for three entries. The three framed pieces I entered were my three best. Two were rejected but one made it through – this one. To have even one make it my first … Continue reading

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Diving into the art world

My coworkers at my second job – artists all – encouraged (I might say pressured) me to enter three pieces to content for a spot in the annual Stewart Hall Art Rental Collection. It seems a might early in the … Continue reading

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