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A poem

Click poem for easy to read version.

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Bruno the Wonder Dog – Rest In Peace

Cancer visited our family again this time in the form of bone cancer in our dog Bruno. The vet believed that it had spread to his lungs as well which could have explained the frequent panting. Last Wednesday at the … Continue reading

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Helter skelter


One of the beauties of life is its unpredictability it is also a constant source of giggles. Last Saturday Katharine’s dog Bruno had a stroke. It was a completely unexpected thing and it made for some fun financial machinations as … Continue reading

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Bites and bones

Bruno has proved to be a boon to our daughter. He has helped her with her anxiety, she gets outside regularly to walk him and all in all she is healthier with him that she was without him. That being … Continue reading

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Last Sunday our daughter, a friend of hers and myself drove out to the SPCA Monteregie and adopted a dog. Bruno is a Lab cross of some kind. He is quiet, friendly and for the most part well behaved but … Continue reading

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