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Seven on Seven

The new order of things, working seven days a week, brings a new meaning to being tired on some days. Tired is okay as long as it doesn’t turn to fatigue it’s all good. The extra money has been handy … Continue reading

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Are we there yet?

We are moving forward it’s just that sometimes you wish that things could move faster than they do. Our daughter is definitely on the road to recovery and it looks like she will be back home full time in April. … Continue reading

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Persistence of art.

Our daughter is back in school during the day now and pursuing studio arts. As someone who loves art and our daughter I have to say I am pleased with how things are going. She was very excited about how … Continue reading

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Five weeks. It was around 22:00 or 23:00 last night that we rolled the five week mark for our daughter’s hospitalization. It’s been a hectic go, and looks to get more so. Nothing has ever been gained by being anxious … Continue reading

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We all know it

There are no rules in life but those we create for ourselves and those imposed by others we choose to obey. Rules make life easier sometimes and sometimes they make life harder. Sometimes the rules we create for ourselves aren’t … Continue reading

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The thin green line


Our daughter has been in hospital for two weeks now. We’re into week three and it looks like it might be a longer haul still. She is doing better, thank you for wondering. The experience has been a reminder that … Continue reading

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Always an adventure

Earlier this summer our son started having some stomach discomfort. He kept putting off going to the doctor but eventually he did make the effort. After several on again off again bouts of burning pain he made his way to … Continue reading

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Shingles of a different kind

There is no easy way to describe the pain from shingles. The disease is the product of the same virus as chicken pox which I had when I was a child. When it hit last week I had no idea … Continue reading

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