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Well it was close.

There’s an old expression: don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Mea maxima culpa. A few days before Xmas our son lost his phone. How does that impact me? Well if he has no phone he cannot arrange job interviews … Continue reading

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Nineteen and counting

James turned nineteen on Friday. We didn’t actually do anything of much import, cards and gift in the morning but he went out with friends to see the new Iron Man movie on Friday night. I did make some cupcakes … Continue reading

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What’s for lunch?

The day started early for a Sunday morning yesterday. It is always like that when there is a race to be run and yesterday was just a little unplanned because the actual decision to run the Montreal half-marathon (21.1K) was … Continue reading

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Life is always happening

In a situation where a great deal of your emotional, intellectual and physical time is occupied by one thing sometimes the rest of life fades a bit though it still continues unabated. My son’s second term report card was very … Continue reading

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Quick update – no time.

The bandage that had adorned my wife’s head since the evening of the 31st is gone. Over the past few days she has been doing well though trying to be as still as possible to give herself time to heal. … Continue reading

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