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A little bit closer

Digging out is much harder than digging in. Between the day from hell in April, and the expenses that have come along on our son’s health front, the fact that we’re still in the black is a testament to years … Continue reading

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The force is with us

Life has a way of becoming a bit of a dog’s breakfast which is my fault. Our daughter is coming home from hospital today after seven weeks and two days. Woohoo. This naturally enough coincides with the release of the … Continue reading

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We all know it

There are no rules in life but those we create for ourselves and those imposed by others we choose to obey. Rules make life easier sometimes and sometimes they make life harder. Sometimes the rules we create for ourselves aren’t … Continue reading

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Bernicky’s pendulum

People talk about the symmetry in nature but the people who talk about that sort of thing are usually people who know nothing about nature. The natural state of the world is imbalance the pendulum swings it never stays put … Continue reading

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