Fresh start

Posted by bernicky - September 25th, 2017

The number of magazines out there which will not consider any poem or writing which has seen the light of day in social media or on a personal blog has effectively ended by posting poetry to instagram and facebook for the foreseeable future. How the twenty or so Facebook friends I have and the few hundred Instagram followers (actually about 60 on any given day) could negatively impact the likes of a magazine are beyond me, but that is what it is at the moment.

In a way this gives me a new start. The past year has seen some of the best work I’ve ever produced and I hope to improve. Future submissions to the magazines I’m targeting cannot come from work which has already seen the light of day, however briefly, on social media. Going forward it will be new work submissions only. At the moment I have twenty-seven poems out to various journals and magazines. When those are all resolved one way or the other the whole file will be archived. A new one starts today.

Before I start submitting again I need to get a body of work ready to put into a rotation. At my current rate of two, sometimes three, poems a week it will take a little while to have enough and good enough material to work with. I’m actually looking forward to it. Fingers crossed, it might work out for the best.

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More new poems

Posted by bernicky - October 21st, 2016

I seem to be going through something of a resurgence of poetic energy of late. Here are some new ones. Mercifully brief as has been my wont recently. Not that I think it likely but to be on the safe side all poems are copyright denis bernicky – just saying.

I can’t help                          thinking that one day
I should                                try and find room
For myself
.                                                in my own life.


october beach
snowflakes fall


lying beside the rails

proof reeds break too


apples by bushel
peaches by half
berries by pint

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