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November twenty seventeen

The pressure on the financial front has not dwindled. It never does entirely but there’s a bit of an awkward crunch going on at the moment which makes for interesting planning. The time between last pay cheque and next pay … Continue reading

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An early birthday present

Believe it or not this only occurred to me when talking to Donna on Skype. She was saying that her recently divorced friend was sick and it looked like something Donna had experienced in October/November. It was a kind of … Continue reading

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An act of being

When Lynn died on December 29th, 2011 she left a hole in all our lives. It was expected, but expectation never prepares you. Lynn was hemiplegic and her ability to speak almost gone for the last two years of her … Continue reading

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Not doing it


In truth training has been an after thought more and more since Lynn’s passing. It seems that there are priorities and as much as running was a priority for keeping my sense and sensibilities at one time the need for … Continue reading

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Trying to be

It has been of concern in the past that parenting in any truly organized fashion had fallen by the wayside after Lynn was paralyzed. In some respects our son and daughter got by with a minimum of supervision and attention … Continue reading

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