A different project – an opinion

Posted by bernicky - July 16th, 2017

Let’s start with the opinion.

Someone I know congratulated me on the success of the Depanneur series and the show. It was nice, it’s always nice to hear nice things. They smoothly transitioned from congratulations to a question: when do you think you will start painting in oil? I said I wasn’t sure that I ever would because I like watercolour. They reminded me, from their standpoint at least, that serious artists all work in oil. I don’t doubt that serious artists work in oil, but they also work in a variety of other media. That watercolour is largely seen as a dated medium for Victorian women of the upper class is more of a PR problem than a medium problem. Ask any painter what they think about watercolour and even those who do not like it will concede there are things you can do with it that are impossible in other paint media. Still what can you do? Perception is reality in so many things.

I’ve started a new project marrying poetry and sketching.

A page from my Stillman & Birn pocket sketchbook

The idea is simple enough, illustrate poems I write with very rough watercolour sketches. The sketches have to be rough because if they are too intricate the black lettering of the poems will likely get lost. So it’s just thin washes and simple shapes. Nothing fancy. The paintings are literal even in the face of the most obvious metaphors. I’m looking forward to finishing my first sketchbook of them.

I’ve created an artist’s page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/denisbernicky/ and have a small following. Coming to the arts this late in the game I’m thankful that I have any following at all. That’s about it for now.

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Moisture Barrier

Posted by bernicky - May 10th, 2016

Work and work and work and work. That’s about all there is to it these days.

My grand niece managed to get out of Fort McMurray during the evacuation. It took her and her man 18 hours to make it from Fort Mac to Lac La Biche which is normally a two hour drive. They are safe though which is really all that matters.

Spring has been touch and go in Montreal – temperatures varying from -2 at night to 19 some days and only 5 and rainy others. Summer will get here, it always does.

I start two new courses this week. Introduction to C# programming and “Getting and Cleaning Data” which is basically an R programming course. Have to keep the mind busy some how.

In the meantime I finished my last watercolour sketchbook and started a new one. This one has hot pressed smooth paper in it which is very different from the first one which was cold press and very rough. Time will tell which I prefer, both handle very differently. Here is the cover and the first painting.

The new watercolour sketchbook

The new watercolour sketchbook

Papaya Dog - first sketch in new book.

Papaya Dog – first sketch in new book.

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