Celebration Canada 150 – Montreal 375 Collection

Posted by bernicky - June 4th, 2017

Here they are – two already presold before the show starts.

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Posted by bernicky - March 10th, 2017

A pussy poem and painting

Trying to get poetry published in an age of self publishing and the never ending slurry of words generated by social media is not easy. I’ve still been trying.

Her Heart Words is an online poetry magazine based in Australia. They ran a Secret Santa poem I wrote in December. The idea of the Secret Santa poem is to leave a poem, preferably an uplifting one, for someone to find. I’ve continued to submit to them and recently they picked up two more pieces which they will be running on their Instagram account for a series entitled “Her” poems, about, celebrating or for “Her”. At the same time I’ve also submitted to The Soap Box a Toronto based magazine which had an open call for poems about “Home”. I can never come at these things straight on for some reason so they may wonder why I submitted a poem about watching contrails, and a homeless man along with one about walking around what I once called home. We’ll see.

There’s no point hunting unless you go after big game. In addition to Her Heart Poetry and The Soap box I’ve also submitted to some big league publications. My logic is that I am writing as well as I am ever likely to write so I might as well give it a go. Tin House, Ploughshares and The Antigonish Review have all received submissions. Likelihood of success is between zero and one percent – they receive thousands of submissions every month, but nothing ventured….. Truth is I’d be amazingly happy if any of them published even one piece but would really, really like to see something in The Antingonish Review.

In the meantime I will keep painting, keep writing and feel a little bit chuffed about having two pieces in a series on an Instagram account with sixteen thousand followers. It’s more people than I’d ever reach from here. In the meantime here are some small pieces I’ve painted recently.

Practicing graduated wash

Sketch in a sketchbook – Chows in Dorval

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Art eh.

Posted by bernicky - February 12th, 2017

My New Year’s resolutions are coming along. The first piece of the year has been sold and two more commissions are coming along. This one was the first requested piece,

First sale – a poem

Not much to it, but it was paid for and after I bought more art supplies I had enough left for lunch at Tim’s. Speaking of which this is my most recent – not a commission but rather something I thought would work and I think it does.

Poem and painting – think this might work

The piece below was a commission from an Instagram follower who lives in France. It’s official I have artwork hanging in three provinces in Canada and in France. Kind of fun to think of even if it is just a handful of pieces.

Bluebird – framed at home in France

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Just a sketch

Posted by bernicky - January 11th, 2017

Seascape sketch

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And then there was one

Posted by bernicky - October 25th, 2016

The Stewart Hall 2017 Art Rental Collection allowed for three entries. The three framed pieces I entered were my three best. Two were rejected but one made it through – this one.

Snowdon Fire Escape

Snowdon Fire Escape

To have even one make it my first time out is kind of awesome and I have to admit to feeling a little bit chuffed about it. Whether or not it will sell or be rented is an entirely different question and at the moment I don’t really care. It would be nice to see it go but I’m not holding my breath for a year to see if it does.

My latest.

Someone's Watching

Someone’s Watching

One thing I have noticed from various watercolour and sketch groups on Facebook – I really paint/sketch mundane stuff in comparison to the amazing landscapes and florals I see out there.

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Alleyway and Cape Cod

Posted by bernicky - August 25th, 2016

Snowdon Alleyway - Stillman & Birn Zeta, Winsor & Newton halfpans.

Snowdon Alleyway – Stillman & Birn Zeta, Winsor & Newton halfpans.

Cape Cod - Stillman & Birn Zeta, Winsor & Newton halfpans.

Cape Cod – Strathmore Windpower Cold Press, Winsor & Newton halfpans.

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A little painting

Posted by bernicky - August 4th, 2016

The painting I’ve been doing this week has been all about repainting the bedroom. It can be hot work during a heat wave but it’s done now.

Last week I finished a watercolour that I am going to use as the reference for my first effort in casein. Of course I’ll do a colour chart first but after that I’m going to try plunging in with casein and see how it handles. Here’s the painting in its watercolour form.


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