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Holiday schedule

Having fun with modeling clay. I’m planning on using modeling clay to create and light things or scenes I want to draw. Models will allow me to light them the way I want and see how the shadows would cast. … Continue reading

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A day ending in Y

A friend and I were talking recently and he asked when my next day off was. I confessed that it would be October 9th, Thanksgiving, but in reality not really much of a day off since the family comes over … Continue reading

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I don’t write about work or where I work because that way be dragons for any employee of any company. That doesn’t give a lot of leeway to write about some fine people other than in the most vague sense. … Continue reading

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Humour – Ar – Ar

When Lynn was paralyzed I slept on the floor in the living room so if she roused at night I would be there. We got the day rolling around 4:30 or so and on it rolled until I got home … Continue reading

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Drawing to a close

December is drawing to a close and along with it 2016 which on a socio political front might have been a bit fubar but on the home front things are basically good. Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Lynn’s death … Continue reading

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Seven on Seven

The new order of things, working seven days a week, brings a new meaning to being tired on some days. Tired is okay as long as it doesn’t turn to fatigue it’s all good. The extra money has been handy … Continue reading

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The gig economy

The new job has been going well. By new job I mean the part time job that I took to fill the waking hours when I am not at my full time job. It’s back to picture framing. I always … Continue reading

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Learning curve

I’m closing in on completing the academic portion of Power Engineering. The practical will be in May and June. At the end of that I will have seven years in which to write for certification with ABSA. I’ve been learning … Continue reading

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Crisis? What crisis?

Oil has played a strange roll in my life and in the life of many people born between 1960 and 1965. A thin sliver of end days Baby Boomers and first year GenXers. Oil has been the bane of our … Continue reading

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Kind of an oddity

In truth I don’t know who reads this blog nor why they read it. There is traffic and page views and once in a while there are comments. With this in mind it struck me as obvious that making a … Continue reading

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